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I found this site a few years ago when I was writing my thesis on creativity and innovation. It is packed full of fantastic videos on a range of topics.  Creativity is a primary theme or aspect of a number of videos, but I also use some of them when looking at communication, organisational behaviour, perception, culture and so on.

Here is an interview where “TED and Reddit asked Sir Ken Robinson anything — and he answered“.

These are only tasters of the materials available on TED. Not only are there a range of top-class speakers, these videos can be used to illustrate some key ideas, and spark some debate among students. Alternatively, they could be the subject of an assignment, like a case study.

Inject some new activities into a training session!

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  1. 20 November, 2010 at 10:01

    Dear Sir Ken,

    Much liked your Ted Talks and the question – answer session with Ted.

    I have a question and I wish you can take the time to reply to this, as many are facing this issue:

    How do we provide ‘quality and relevant’ education at an affordable price point, in the universities?

    I think you are a right person to be asking this from, due to your expertise.

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

    WIth Kind Regards,

  2. 20 November, 2010 at 20:44

    Hello Priyanka,

    I’m afraid Sir Ken is not available here on this site, but I can suggest a few ideas that may contribute to “quality and affordable” education at a reasonable price point:
    * more investment in technology and / or more creative use of technology
    * greater use of collaborative learning and social networking as a learning tool
    * community development of courses and continuous updating of content (not dissimilar to the way in which the likes of Wikipedia is built and maintained)

    There are many, many more ideas that could work and it would be great if others might join the discussion here and suggest more ideas….
    “to get a few good ideas we need to get a lot of ideas”

    Thanks for your post.
    Best wishes,

    If you want to see more about Sir Ken, he has his own site at

  3. 5 January, 2011 at 16:06

    Thank you Sean. Thought I’d said so earlier.
    In any case better late than never.
    Useful comments indeed.

    Also, a very fulfilling NY to you -)


  4. Vance Bradford
    31 March, 2011 at 05:35

    Sir Ken Robinson,

    Enjoyed the presentation on creativity. Using the fast food analogy was simply brilliant. I also loved the quote from A. Lincoln that we must disenthall ourselves when things are challenging and we must think and act anew.


  5. 6 August, 2011 at 23:57

    This could not possibly have been more heplufl!

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